paul-clare Terms and conditions for using the mall service



The purpose of these terms and conditions is to inform the Company of the Internet related services (hereinafter referred to as “Services”) provided by paul-clare (hereinafter referred to as “the shopping mall”) cyber shopping mall operated by Wyeth Tray And the rights, duties, and responsibilities of the user.



① “Shopping mall” is a virtual business space established to enable companies to trade goods and services using information communication functions such as computers to ensure that they provide goods or services to users. It also represents a company that operates a cyber mall.

② “User” refers to both members and non-members who are provided with services provided by “shopping mall” under the condition of “shopping mall” and use “shopping mall”.

③ “Member” is defined as a person providing personal information to a company and registering membership in the service. In addition, it is the person who continuously receives the service information and continuously uses the service provided by the company.


Posting and Changing Terms

① The Company shall not be liable for any of these conditions and the Company’s trade name, representative name, business address (including the address where the customer’s complaint is processed), telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, business registration number, Should be posted on the first screen (full page). This is to make it easier for users to find information; Users should be able to see the content of these conditions on the connection screen.

② Before the user agrees to the Terms of Use, the Company shall provide a separate screen or a Palm-up screen so that the user can confirm important contents such as order withdrawal, transportation liability, refund conditions, etc. Can

③ The Company shall not violate the relevant laws, including the Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce, the Act on the Regulation of Contract Conditions, the Electronic Transactions Act, the Electronic Signature Act, the Protection Act for Promotion of the Use of Information and Communications Communications Network, It is possible to revise the contents of the agreement within the limit.

④ If the Company changes the Terms and Conditions, the date of application and the reason for the change shall be posted on the Start-up window 7 days prior to application with the current Terms and Conditions; However, if these terms are modified against the user, they must be notified at least 30 days in advance. In such cases, the company should make it easier for users to find the content through a clear comparison before and after the revision.

⑤ If the user disagrees with the agreement, the company shall be allowed to block the use of the service. If the user continues to use the service, the user consents to the agreement.


Application rules other than these Terms

The Terms of Use or any matters not provided for in the interpretation of this Agreement shall be governed by the Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce, the Agreement Terms and Regulations Act, the Guidelines for Electronic Consumer Protection by the Hong Kong Fair Trade Commission, .


Changes to Regulations and Services

① The Company shall provide the following services:

  1. Provide information about the goods or services and conclude purchase contracts;
  2. Transporting the goods or services for which the contract is signed;
  3. Provide other services as defined by the Company.

(2) If the quality or technical details of a product or service are changed, the Company may change the content of the goods or services under the contract concluded to be applied in the future. In this case, the company must post about the service, inform the changed product or service contents, the regulation date, and so on.

③ When a change of service is made to the company unfavorably, the company should notify the user immediately.

④ In case of transfer, the Company shall compensate for damages incurred to the consumer as a result. Provided, however, that there is no intention or the company’s fault is proven.


Service suspension

① If there are reasons such as repairs, inspections and failures of information and telecommunication equipment including computer or communication interruption, the company should temporarily suspend service.

② The Company shall compensate for the loss of the consumer due to the temporary interruption of the service provision for the same reasons as in No. 1. Provided, however, that there is no intention or the company’s fault is proven.

③ If the service can no longer be provided for reasons such as change of business items, abandonment of business, merger of companies, etc., users should be informed in accordance with paragraph 8.


Sign Up

① The user must apply for membership by entering the member information in accordance with the form set by the company and expressing his intention to agree to these Terms of Use.

② The company shall register the user who applied for membership, unless the user falls under items ① below.

  1. Article 7 of the Terms of Use 3. If the applicant below has lost his or her former membership. (Except in the case where the following user has lost his / her membership for three years, and the company authorizes the user to join again).
  2. Incorrect information, information deleted, or incorrect entry.
  3. The registration of a user has a serious technical impact on the company.

③ Membership agreement is the moment when the fact that the company approves the membership has arrived at the user.

④ When a member registers or makes a purchase contract, if there is a change in the registration details provided by the company, the member must notify the company immediately via email or other means.


Withdrawal of membership and withdrawal .

① Members may request withdrawal of membership at any time, and the Company shall immediately resolve such a request.

② When a member falls under any of the following cases, the Company may limit or suspend membership.

  1. The member has entered incorrect information when registering.
  2. The member does not pay the amount of the goods purchased, or there are other liabilities to be paid in the use of the service.
  3. A member threatens the e-commerce process by interfering with the use of third-party services or by intercepting information.
  4. When a member is using the service, doing something that is prohibited by laws or the terms of the service, or doing anything that violates public order.

③ Even if the Company restricts or suspends membership of a member, the Company may repeal the above actions more than once within 30 days, or if the reason is not justified, the Company may be deprived of membership.

④ If the company deprives you of membership, you will cancel membership registration. In such a case, the company must provide the member with an opportunity to clarify it by notifying the member and specifying a period of at least 30 days before canceling the membership.


Notify members

1. If the company notifies the user, it will do so with the email address provided to the company by the user.

  1. If a company notifies a large number of unspecified users, it will post on the service bulletin board for a period of one week or less instead of individual notice. However, if the matters that seriously affect the member’s transaction will be notified individually.



You must apply for the purchase in the manner specified in the Service. When a user makes a purchase application, the company must provide each of the following to make it easy for users to view the content:

  1. Finding and selecting products;
  2. Enter your name, address, phone number, email address (or cell phone number);
  3. To confirm the contents of the Agreement, to restrict the right to withdraw the subscription, to pay the costs, including shipping and installation fees;
  4. Agreeing to purchase and confirm purchase of the goods or confirmation by the company;
  5. Choosing a payment method and specifying a payment institution.


Formation of contract

① If the following items are applicable, the Company may not accept the application for purchase in Article 9. (However, if the Company enters into a contract with a minor, it must notify the minor or his legal representative that the contract can be revoked if the legal representative’s consent can not be obtained):

  1. If the registration is false, missing, or has incorrect information;
  2. If a minor purchases prohibited goods or services such as cigarettes or alcohol under Juvenile Protection Act
  3. Acceptance of a purchase order from the company is found to seriously affect the company’s technology.

② The contract shall be deemed to have been formed when the acceptance of the Company in Article 13 (1) is received by the user in the form of a notice of the deposit certificate.

③ The company’s acceptance intention should include information such as the company’s proof of the user’s application for purchase, the possibility of when the goods or services will be sold, and the modification or cancellation of the company’s purchase request.


payment method

Payment methods for goods or services purchased through this service are listed below. The Company shall not add any amount of service or request a fee for any other name in the payment method.

  1. Various account transfers including phone banking, internet banking, and e-banking;
  2. Pay a variety of cards including prepaid cards, debit cards, and credit cards;
  3. Bankbook without bank deposit online;
  4. Payment using electronic money;
  5. Pay upon receipt of it;
  6. Payment using the points awarded by the company including mileage;
  7. Payments made using the gift certificates or contracts accepted by the company;
  8. Payment using other electronic payment methods.


Notification of the deposit slip change and cancel the Purchase Request 

① When a user makes a purchase application, the company shall notify the user of the wage certificate.

② If there is a discrepancy in the expressions such as the intention immediately after the user receives the wage confirmation notice, the user may request the change or cancellation of the purchase application. If there is a user request before shipment, the company should process it without delay; However, if the user has made a payment earlier, the terms and conditions of the 16th application will be applied.


Regulation of goods etc.

① The company must manufacture, pack and take other necessary measures to ensure that the consumer can be shipped within 7 days from the date of placing the order, unless there is a separate agreement with the user regarding the time of product supply I will. In this case, the company must take the appropriate steps to ensure that the user can confirm the provision of goods and progress.

② The company must specify the delivery method, payment person, delivery period, etc. for the goods purchased by the user. If the company passes the agreed delivery period, you must compensate for damages incurred as a result; However, we will not compensate if it is proved that there is no intention or negligence of the company.



If the product is sold out and the company can not supply the product you requested, you should inform the user without delay. If a company receives a payment for a product, you must take a refund within two days of receiving the refund or previous payment.


Number of subscriptions

① A user who has entered into a contract for the purchase of a company and a commodity may withdraw the subscription within 7 days after receiving the payment confirmation notice.

② The user has received the goods purchased through this service, but can not be returned or exchanged if they belong to the following items.

  1. If a product is lost or damaged due to the user being attributed to the user (However, if the package is damaged to confirm the contents of the product, the user may withdraw the offer);
  2. The value of the product is seriously damaged by the use or consumption of the user;
  3. The value of the product is severely damaged so that the product can not be resold due to the passage of time;
  4. When a product is duplicated as a product with the same function, the original packaging of the product is damaged.

(3) In case (2) or (4), if the Company fails to take measures to specify the restrictions on the number of recalls or provide sample goods in a place easily visible to consumers, Can not be restricted.

④ Notwithstanding the provisions of ① and ②, if the contents of the goods are different from the advertised or advertised contents or performed differently from the contract, the user must know or know the fact within 3 months from the date of receiving the goods You can withdraw the subscription within 30 days of


Cost of subscription

① If the user returns the goods to the company, the company must refund the goods provided within three business days of the previous business day. In the event that the Company postpones a refund for the goods, the Company shall pay interest calculated by multiplying the interest rate declared and officially announced by the Fair Trade Commission of Hong Kong by the delay period.

② When the user pays by means of credit card or electronic money, the company should ask the company which provided the payment means without delay to suspend or cancel the payment request for the goods.

③ In the case of withdrawal of subscription, etc., the user is responsible for the expenses required to return the goods provided. The Company will not ask users for penalties and damages for breaches arising from their subscription, etc. However, if the contents of the products are specified or differ from the advertised contents

In case the contract is executed differently and the user withdraws the subscription, the company is responsible for the expenses required for the return of the goods.

④ In the case that the user gives the carriage when receiving the goods, the company must clearly specify who should pay for the subscription at the time of subscription, in a way that can be easily understood by the user.


Protection of personal information

① The Company shall collect the minimum information necessary to carry out the purchase contract collecting the user’s information. The following information is required; other information is optional.

  1. name
  2. ID
  3. password
  4. Email Address
  5. address
  6. Cell Phone Number
  7. Phone number
  8. IP address
  9. Payment History

② The Company shall obtain the user’s consent when collecting personal information that can be personally identified by the user.

(3) The personal information provided by the user shall not be used for any purpose other than the purpose of the provision or provided to a third party without the consent of the user. However, there may be exceptions in the following cases:

  1. The company notifies the carrier of the minimum user information (name, address, phone number) required to deliver goods and services.
  2. If the company provides information in such a way as to make it impossible to identify a particular individual as necessary to prepare statistics, conduct academic research, or conduct market research
  3. When it is necessary to make a payment for a transaction such as a commodity
  4. If you need to identify yourself to prevent information from being abused
  5. If there is an unavoidable reason required by law or by law

④ If the company has to obtain consent from the user by ② or ③, the company shall notify the identity of the personal information manager (name, telephone number, other contract information), purpose of information collection and use, Article 22 (2) of the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Protection of Information, including that the contents of the information (the person to be informed, the purpose of the regulation, the content of the information to be provided) In advance.

⑤ Users may request to read or modify their personal information at any time, and the Company is obliged to take necessary measures without delay. If a user requests correction of an error, the company must not use any personal information until the error is corrected.

⑥ The Company shall keep the number of Personal Information Managers at a minimum to protect personal information. The Company is entirely responsible for any damages incurred by you as a result of loss, theft, disclosure, or alteration of your personal information, including credit cards and bank accounts.

⑦ A third party who receives personal information from a service or service must destroy it without delay when collecting personal information and fulfilling the purpose for which personal information is provided.


Company’s obligations

① The company does not participate in the activities prohibited by the laws and the terms or against the public good or wrong.

② The company must have a privacy security system for users to ensure that users can use the service safely.

③ The Company must compensate the damage caused by the Company when it participates in the Fair Labeling and Advertising Labeling or Advertisement Act of the Article 3 of the Advertising Act regarding its goods and services.

④ The company can not send advertising e-mails to users for the purpose of undesired profits.


Member’s obligation regarding ID and password

① The member has the obligation to have the third ID and password under the control except the 18th case.

② Members should not allow third parties to use their own ID or password.

③ If a member becomes aware that his / her ID and password are stolen or used by a third party, the member must promptly notify the company, and must follow the company’s instructions.


The responsibility of the user ), the user should not the following actions . 

  1. Entering false information when applying for membership or changing membership information
  2. Embezzling third party information
  3. Changing the information posted to the service
  4. To transmit or post information other than information provided by the Service;
  5. Service, or other third party’s intellectual property rights including copyrights
  6. To impair the reputation of the Service or any third party or to disrupt business
  7. To disclose or post information that is not in accordance with the obscene or violent message, video, voice, and public morals in the service


Connecting ” Mall ” connected to ” Mall ” relationship between  

① If the “Mall” at the top and the “Mall” at the bottom are connected by a hyperlink etc. (eg, the title of the hyperlink should contain letters, pictures, or motion pictures) Mall “(website) while the latter will be referred to as the” Mall “(website) that is connected.

② The fact that the company is not responsible for providing guarantees for the transactions made with the user by the goods and services provided independently by the “Mall” connected with the connecting “Mall” If the pop-up on the screen is stated, we are not responsible for providing warranty for the transaction.


Copyright return use restriction 

① Copyrights and other intellectual property rights for works created by the company must be returned to the company.

(2) You may not cause the User to use any information obtained for the purpose of copying, transmitting, publishing, distributing, broadcasting, or otherwise using the Service for any purpose other than to use the Service.

③ The Company shall notify the user of the use of the copyright belonging to the user under these Terms.


Dispute handling

① The Company shall establish and operate a Compensation Department to ensure that it reflects reasonable opinions or complaints raised by users and compensates damages.

② The company must first handle any complaints or comments raised by users; However, if it is difficult to handle them properly, the company should immediately notify the user of the reason and schedule of the work.

③ When a user submits an application for relief in connection with an electronic commerce dispute between the company and a user, the object of the agreement provided by the Hong Kong Fair Trade Commission or the dispute resolution body requested by the city or provincial governor It may be.


Jurisdiction and Governing Law

① All lawsuits related to electronic commerce between company and user must be filed in the jurisdiction of jurisdiction under the Civil Procedure Act.

② All e-commerce transactions between the Company and the User shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea.


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