My name is Paul Clare, I come from a family of entrepreneurs: a great-grandfather fighter pilot, a grandfather mountaineer and migratory bird parents who passed on their passion for great spaces and travel to me.

Nothing is more satisfying for me than to live without bounderies, to feel free in nature, to adapt and to undertake new journeys.

Have you ever been on one of those tall ships carried by the wind? Would you like to explore a rock wall, held by a rope, feet dangling? Have you dived into the tropical seas in the midst of gigantic schools of fish?

These extreme sensations, lived according to the colours, perfumes and sounds of the five continents, have made me the nomad of a world without borders where verticality meets the horizon, where people, fauna and flora are my companions.

I wanted to mark these moments and major emotions, by a creation containing some of the elements and tools that accompanied me. A rope, the color of the sky, the earth, the sea, a safety accessory or a tool that guided me to make the Paul Clare collection. You have before you the memory of the moments of life and it is with you that I would like to share them.

With the help of several friends: designer, graphic designer, jeweller, we wanted to transcribe the quality of these lived moments and these journeys through a quality product.

Paul-Clare is above all the realisation of a group united by a number of values: family, travel, adventure, freedom but also respect for our environment and it is in respect of these values ​​that we wanted to propose an ethical and sustainable product.


It is important for us that the social conditions of the people who have contributed to the production of this product are the best possible. Of course, working conditions are respectful of human rights, but not only that. We want this bracelet to help improve the lives of people who contribute to it.

We also want this bracelet to be as environnementally friendly as possible and for us the best way to do is to offer a product which is hand-made, robust and durable.


Our bracelets tell a story and the stories are made to last. The cords we use are made for intensive outdoor use: resistant to water, friction and light. The metals we use are alloys that have a long track record: Gold, Silver and Brass.


These materials all comply with the European regulations on REACH cosmetic products which ensures a high level of protection of human health and the environment.

This regulation prohibits the use of the most polluting products in order to ensure a product that is more environmentally friendly and non-allergenic to the user. This regulation notably regulates the use of nickel to which certain people are allergic. All our bracelets are guaranteed nickel-free.